Larkin Dodgen - Leap Day

This post is a little different than some of the other stuff that's posted here on the blog, but this is too good to not share! A friend of mine just put out her first EP entitled Romantic Ramblings of a Wannabe French Girl with six tracks of laid back ukelele goodness. Melancholically witty vocals are paired with lulling ukelele strums to create a refined and stripped-down sound that draws you in. Check out the last song featured on the EP "Leap Day" below and if you're a fan then be sure to head on over to bandcamp to hear the rest! Super sweet stuff.


Hotel Mexico - A.I. in Dreams

Dreamy new tune from Japan's Hotel Mexico off of their new release Her Decorated Post Love. The song "A.I. in Dreams" explodes right off the bat and then echoes into multiple shards of new wave, post punk, and dream pop. Super cool vibes. The record is out now on Second Royal Records.

MP3: Hotel Mexico – A.I. in Dreams /via/


Pure X - Things in My Head

Holy bejeebers Batman. I'm a little late posting this but still. So excited. Last week Austin, Texas' Pure X announced a new album entitled Crawling Up The Stairs and put out a fresh new track off of said album. The new song is entitled "Things in My Head" and has a more refined sound than their past music ventures. This isn't bad though! They've just toned down the haze of their music from middle of the desert acid trip to middle of the desert weed high. Love it so much. The album is set for release on May 14th via Acephale.