Summer Mix 2013

Better late than never, right? This mix is here to send off your summer with a bunch of tunes that I have had on repeat throughout these long, hot days. Jump in the pool of good vibes after the jump!


Keep Shelly in Athens - Recollection

Chillwave duo Keep Shelly in Athens have been in the game since 2010 and now they're back with a fresh new single off of their debut album. "Recollection" has a driving celestial beat layered with flowing vocals that come together to create a danceable and ethereal soundscape. Look for the rest of the album At Home when it's released September 17th via Cascine. 


Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht - Hang On To Life

Art-pop pros Ariel Pink and Jorge Elbrecht have joined forces to give you one of the most solid tracks of 2013 so far. "Hang On to Life" is a soft-rock masterpiece that melodically wafts through the air inciting cheesy and groovy emotions within its soothing fog. Definitely a contender for song of the year. The single is out now on Mexican Summer!


King Krule - Easy Easy

Archy Marshall is better known by his stage name King Krule, and for good reason too: the almost 19 year old kid knows how to make music. Formerly known as Zoo Kid; Marshall has been putting out tunes since 2010. Yesterday I was happy to hear the announcement that his first full length album Six Feet Beneath The Moon is coming out on August 24th. "Easy Easy" is the first cut from said album and it's an aggressive track with Marshall's compelling murky style of songwriting all over it. Great stuff.


Washed Out - It All Feels Right

In case you missed it, Ernest Greene's Washed Out is back in the game and prepping to release his second full-length album Paracosm on August 13th. The super exciting news also came packaged with a stellar new single. "It All Feels Right" is the first single from the album and it's an inviting and warm track that has a more multi-instrumental sound than that of his earlier work. Not complaining at all as I've listened to it more times than I'd like to admit. Enjoy.