Jensen Sportag - One Lane Lovers

Jensen Sportag have just announced a new single that is pure, unadulterated funkiness. "One Lane Lovers" smoothly sails out of your speakers and begs for you to throw on a blazer and go make the city your dance floor. The Nashville based duo has done it yet again. The single will be released April 8th on Cascine.


Merchandise - Figured Out

Florida's post-punk group Merchandise have released a new track that will be featured on their split Record Store Day LP. The band sheds their fuzziness on "Figured Out" for a bigger and breezier sound and the results are a blissful slacker jam. So good. I dig that album art too. Be sure to get out on April 19th and support your local record store! 


Night Flowers - Embers

Last month London's Night Flowers announced that they're putting out their debut EP on April 7th. Why should you care? Well, the five-piece group knows their stuff when it comes to crafting songs that echo the shimmering jangle-pop era of the late 80's. "Embers" is the first cut off of the upcoming self-titled release and it's a swirling, uplifting gem with a grungy backbone. Play it up.